3D food printers – the ultimate evil ?

Just stumbled across this article “3D printing: soon, a food printer in every kitchen

Artificial food additives

“The CCML food printers require edible inks and electronic blueprints called FabApps. This machine prints food using multiple cartridges, going line by line until the desired shape is extruded. ‘The electronic blueprint specifies exactly which materials go where–it is essentially a blueprint of the food item,’ says Hod Lipson, the head of the lab. It’s a way to create new flavors and forms of food by varying its chemical properties. ‘It’s a huge ‘design space,’ and the combination of tastes and textures, geometries and colors that can be achieved is enormous,’ says Lipson.”

As somebody working in the IT field and interested in DIY manufacturing 3D printers show a lot of promise for the future. But printing the food I eat ? Personally that will be a big NO THANKYOU.

But it would be interesting to see what people think. Can we envisage this becoming an everyday household item (other than a kids toy) ?


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