Proud to be Dirt Farmers

I recently heard the term ‘dirt farmer’ used for the first time while listening to a Podcast . It was used to describe a certain group of farmers in a derogatory fashion as to devalue their deliberate use of traditional farming methods as ‘inferior’ to what was described as ‘modern’ farmers.

Devaluation of natural methods as somehow ‘dirty’ and the positioning of the big-ag approach of inhumane clean-room operations as ‘scientific’ and ‘modern’ are all part of a public relations battle for the mind-share of the un-educated consumer.

There is plenty of evidence that small-scale localised food production is far superior to large scale industrial food production when taking into account not just purely economic factors such as cost of labor. Factoring in things such supply chain wastage, transport cost, overproduction and social impact (unemployment, community support, …) and general health benefits shifts the scale from the pure economics of monetary input vs. output cost.


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