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Changing our “food image”

Similar to our media’s obsession with body image which is causing disorders in our population, there is also an obsession with ‘food image’ that has been build over the years largely by advertising.

This has contributed to a lot of waste of perfectly fine food in the traditional industrial supply chain. Some producers have no other options than compost or feed such ‘misfits’ to animals.

Ugly Vegetables

I recently came across a project in Germany called ‘Culinary Misfits’ (see link below) that has made a point of changing these perceptions and do something about this issue. These guys have created a shop for selling food that has been rejected by mainstream food distribution systems. Which helps both producers and some organisations helping to feed more disadvantaged sectors of the community. They are also running courses and there are some lovely images generated via Social Media.

Well Done !

Further reading

Changes in zoning laws for urban agriculture

Zoning laws in some jurisdictions are a stumbling block for many urban (& community) agriculture projects. While some local Government bodies are sympathetic and some even encourage the creation, there are a substantial number who are indifferent at best.

This program on Chicago (IL) based station WBEZ explains what changes are taking place in the city of Chicago.


You can listen to the story or visit the webpage to read a summary