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Forget Golf Courses: Subdivisions Draw Residents With Farms

Worth the listen – a NPR Radio program on ‘development-supported agriculture’, a more intimate version of community-supported agriculture that is meant to draw in new buyers, increase values and stitch neighbors together.

“Golf courses cost millions to build and maintain, and we’re kind of overbuilt on golf courses already,” he says. “If you put in a farm where we can grow things and make money from the farm, it becomes an even better deal.”

Listen here: Forget Golf Courses: Subdivisions Draw Residents With Farms : The Salt : NPR.

Boskoi – mobile food foraging

I just came across an excellent free, opensource mobile app that helps you explore and map the edible landscape wherever you are. It is based on the Ushahidi Framework and named after Boskoi the greek word for grazer or browser the app lays out a map of local fruits and herbs and allows users to edit and add their own finds.

The app is made by the foragers at Urban Edibles in Amsterdam and comes with quite a few foraging guidelines.


boskoi barcode